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NETIO 4: 230V power strip controlled over LAN and WiFi

Code: 8594185580034
€199 / pcs €240,79 incl. VAT

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NETIO 4 is a smart power strip with four 230V/8A sockets, connected to LAN and WiFi. Each power socket can be switched on/off using a mobile app (Android / iOS) or the web interface. As a unique feature of NETIO products, the electrical sockets can be controlled by third-party computing and industrial applications or from a cloud. NETIO supports various M2M API protocols, IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

Detailed information

Power socket variant 4x: FR socket (Type E)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580034
€199 / pcs
€240,79 incl. VAT
Power socket variant 4x: DE socket (Type F, Schuko)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580010
€199 / pcs
€240,79 incl. VAT

Product detailed description

  • Power input: 1x Europlug 0.85m (15A) / 230V AC
  • Power output: 4x Type E or Type F (Schuko) socket
  • Metering: No
  • Interface: 1x LAN + 1x WiFi

NETIO 4 smart sockets can be used as a WiFi AP (Access Point).

The Scheduler function can switch each electrical socket (230V / 8A) on or off individually at a predefined time and day of week.

Delayed switch-on keeps circuit breakers from tripping after a power outage.

The WatchDog functionality monitors a given network device (periodically sends a PING request) and restarts or power-cycles the device if it stops responding. It is ideal for autonomous restarting of microwave links or IP video cameras.

NETIO 4x products comply with high network security requirements. NETIO 4 supports HTTPs security for the device configuration as well as for certain M2M API protocols. In other situations, at least IP address filtering can be used.

Each of the four electrical sockets of the NETIO 4 smart power strip can be switched on and off using any of the eight M2M API protocols:

  • SNMP v1 / v3 protocol, e.g. for data centers
  • URL API, e.g. for switching on/off IP surveillance cameras
  • XML over http/https for IT systems
  • JSON over http/https for Web services
  • MQTT for cloud services (e.g. MS Azure)
  • Telnet for simple applications
  • SIP (VoIP) to control electrical sockets as a phone
  • Modbus/TCP, the most popular industrial protocol

As a unique feature, NETIO 4 / 4All / 4C smart sockets can be programmed over the Web interface using the Lua language to write custom scripts. The manufacturer continually publishes Application Notes (ANxx) with tutorials.

NETIO 4 is available with:

  • Type F (Schuko) sockets
  • Type E (French) power sockets.

For more information visit:

Additional parameters

Category: NETIO power sockets
Warranty: 2 years
? Protocols (M2M API): REST (XML, JSON, URL API), Modbus/TCP, Telnet, MQTT, SNMP
? Lua programmable: Yes
? Power measurement: Without measurement
? Network: Wi-Fi, LAN (Ethernet)
? NETIO Cloud: Yes
? Power socket type: DE Schuko (Type F), FR (Type E)

Easy integration example (REST API - JSON)

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