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RTI NETIO Driver Pro Voucher

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Our Netio Pro Driver for RTI allows an RTI system to control NETIO PDUs, power strips and power cords (that support the REST (JSON) API) with enhanced features, including energy monitoring.

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Instructions to Redeem: To use this voucher simply sign in to the Intrinsic Dev website, add the NETIO Driver for your control platform to your basket and then enter the code which is emailed to you after purchase into the promotional code box to receive 100% discount.


  • Switching with switch status of each outlet
  • Energy data collection
  • On change events
  • Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support
  • Intrinsic Platinum Integration – Official Netio driver

Supported by all NETIO products.

More about the integration: RTI



Download the NETIO Pro Driver for RTI