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New products
PowerDIN 4PZ iFL NETIO dual electricity meter DIN rail 230V
PowerDIN 4PZ: dual 230V/16A electricity meter with relay
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580591

PowerDIN 4PZ is a dual 230V/16A electricity meter with LAN/WiFi and I/O. Web control, support for NETIO Cloud, Open API. NETIO PowerDIN 4PZ connects to the network using a...

€229 / pcs
(€277,09 incl. VAT)
PowerPDU 4PS iFL smart PDU IEC320 C13 230V swithed PDU
PowerPDU 4PS: IEC-320 C13 Switched Power Distribution Unit
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580782

NETIO PowerPDU 4PS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4x IEC-320 C13 electrical outlets as outputs. Each output can be switched on/off individually. The manufacturer also...

from €147 / pcs
(from €177,87 incl. VAT)
PowerBOX 3Px iFL professional electrical socket LAN 230V
PowerBOX 3Px: professional power strip with Open API
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580621

NETIO PowerBOX 3Px features 3 electrical sockets connected to a LAN. Each socket can be individually switched on or off over the web interface. Open API enables integration...

€139 / pcs
(€168,19 incl. VAT)
PowerCable MQTT (MQTT-flex)
PowerCable MQTT (MQTT-flex)
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580461

NETIO PowerCable MQTT 101x is a WiFi power socket (WiFi extension power cable) for integration with third-party cloud systems using open API (MQTT).

€99 / pcs
(€119,79 incl. VAT)
NETIO PowerPDU 4C 2020 iFL 43 en
PowerPDU 4C: IEC-320 C13 Metered Power Distribution Unit
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580751

NETIO PowerPDU 4C is a smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with four power outlets (4x IEC-320 C13). Each output can be controlled and metered independently. PowerPDU 4C...

from €237 / pcs
(from €286,77 incl. VAT)
NETIO Crestron Driver Profi
Crestron NETIO driver Profi
In stock (> 10 pcs)
Code: 137

The Netio Profi symbol gives access to all functions of various NETIO devices from the Crestron SIMPL environment. Variants for all supported devices are available and with...

€25 / pcs
(€30,25 incl. VAT)

Welcome to NETIO products E-SHOP

The NETIO products company is a Czech producer of smart power sockets which can be controlled over LAN and WiFi.

Our products are programmable and support all common M2M API protocols

  • Our sockets are intended not just for end users (B2C) but mainly for businesses (B2B). A typical user is a system integrator that uses our products in various industrial projects. Our products can be found in demonstration booths, wind power plants, hospitals, and many other M2M and IoT applications.
  • We offer technical support, long-term compatibility and product stability to all companies that use our products in their projects or long-lived solutions. We are a European producer and we understand the needs of our customers.
  • Our NETIO 4x products offer unmatched customization possibilities via Lua scripts that run directly in the device. Thanks to this unique feature, the power sockets can be controlled by any third-party sensors on the network, without relying on a cloud or an Internet connection.

If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to ask us at