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NETIO power sockets

NETIO power sockets are intelligent 230V outlets, which are controllable over LAN or WiFi. The outputs can be turned on/off over web interface. Some models support elektricity measurement (V, A, kWh, Hz, TruePF) and many common M2M APIs (MQTT, SNMP, XML, JSON, Modbus, …). All NETIO power outlets support basic Security (SSL).

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PowerPDU 8QS iFL 43 en
PowerPDU 8QS: 8x IEC-320 C13 switched and metered PDU
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580904

NETIO PowerPDU 8QS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with eight outputs (8x IEC-320 C13) for installation in a 19” cabinet (1U). Each output can be independently controlled...

from €382 / pcs
(from €462,22 incl. VAT)
NETIO PowerPDU 4C 2020 iFL 43 en
PowerPDU 4C: IEC-320 C13 Metered Power Distribution Unit
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580751

NETIO PowerPDU 4C is a smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with four power outlets (4x IEC-320 C13). Each output can be controlled and metered independently. PowerPDU 4C...

from €289 / pcs
(from €349,69 incl. VAT)
PowerBOX 4Kx iFL 43 en
PowerBOX 4Kx: Smart power strip with metering
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580867

NETIO PowerBOX 4Kx is a smart power strip with 4 outputs controlled over a LAN, capable of measuring electrical parameters. Using the web interface, each socket can be...

from €275 / pcs
(from €332,75 incl. VAT)
PowerDIN 4PZ iFL 43 en
PowerDIN 4PZ: dual 230V/16A electricity meter with relay
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580591

PowerDIN 4PZ is a dual 110/230V max 16A electricity meter with LAN/WiFi and I/O. Web control, support for NETIO Cloud, Open API. NETIO PowerDIN 4PZ connects to the network...

€259 / pcs
(€313,39 incl. VAT)
PowerPDU 4KS: IEC-320 C13 Metered & Switched Power Distribution Unit
PowerPDU 4KS: IEC-320 C13 Metered & Switched Power Distribution Unit
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580997

PowerPDU 4KS is a smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4 metered & switched power outputs (4x IEC-320 C13) and 1x DI (Digital Input).  The PowerPDU 4KS PDU (Power...

from €255 / pcs
(from €308,55 incl. VAT)
PowerPDU 4PS iFL 43 en
PowerPDU 4PS: IEC-320 C13 Switched Power Distribution Unit
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580782

NETIO PowerPDU 4PS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with 4x IEC-320 C13 electrical outlets as outputs. Each output can be switched on/off individually. The manufacturer also...

from €203 / pcs
(from €245,63 incl. VAT)
PowerBOX 3Px iFL 43 en
PowerBOX 3Px: professional power strip with Open API
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580621

NETIO PowerBOX 3Px features 3 electrical sockets connected to a LAN. Each socket can be individually switched on or off over the web interface. Open API enables integration...

from €189 / pcs
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PowerCable REST 101F iFL en
PowerCable REST 101x (smart power extension cord)
In stock (>10 pcs)
Code: 8594185580430

NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is a smart WiFi controlled and metered IoT power cable. You can control it via web interface, mobile application, NETIO Cloud or 1 from 10 available...

from €99 / pcs
(from €119,79 incl. VAT)