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PowerCable REST 101x (XML, JSON, URL)

Code: 8594185580423
€99 / pcs €119,79 incl. VAT

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NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is a smart WiFi power socket for integration with third-party systems using open API. 

PowerCable is a smart power extension cable with a WiFi connection to a LAN. Its web interface can be used to display the energy metering values and turn on/off the controlled output power socket.

Detailed information

Electrical socket type PWC: 101F (Type F, Schuko)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580423
€99 / pcs
€119,79 incl. VAT
Electrical socket type PWC: 101E (Type E, FR)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580416
€99 / pcs
€119,79 incl. VAT
Electrical socket type PWC: 101J (Type J, CH)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580430
€99 / pcs
€119,79 incl. VAT
Electrical socket type PWC: 101S (IEC 320 C-14)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580447
€99 / pcs
€119,79 incl. VAT
Electrical socket type PWC: 101G (Type G, UK)
In stock (> 10 pcs) | 8594185580560
€99 / pcs
€119,79 incl. VAT

Product detailed description

PowerCable REST allows reading the measurements and controlling the output using one of three http-based REST protocols - XML, JSON or URL API. 

The PowerCable metered power socket connects to the network over WiFi (internal antenna). The NETIO WiFi Reconnect feature ensures stable availability of the device in an ordinary WiFi network.

PowerCable REST 101x can be controlled with one of 3 different M2M protocols that communicate over http (default port 80) and can be protected with a password. The JSON and XML protocols transfer a text file using http get/post.

  • WiFi connection, Auto-Reconnect
  • REST API: XML, JSON, URL API protocols
  • Electrical measurements (V, A, W, kWh, TPF, Hz, Phase), accuracy <1%
  • IOC – Output state independent on FW updates
  • ZCS – Zero-current switching

With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, uses SSL security and servers in Europe.

The PowerCable REST WiFi power outlet supports IOC (Independent Output Control); the state of the output is not affected by weak WiFi signal, restart of the WiFi network layer, or even firmware upgrade. The PowerUp state of the output is configurable (On/Off/Last).

ZCS (Zero Current Switching) support is important in situations where the output is switched more often than just a few times per day. ZCS makes sure that the output relay switches when the immediate current is zero.

ZCS reduces the stress on the connected electrical appliances, increasing the lifetime in case of frequent switching of appliances with a high inrush current. High inrush current is typical for switching supplies common in IT equipment. 

ZCS is suitable for all types of appliances – capacitive loads as well as inductive loads (transformers, motors).

The operating temperature range of NETIO PowerCable REST 101x is -10 to 65°C (at 65°C, the maximum current is limited to 5A).

Electrical measurements (accessible over the web as well as XML or JSON protocol)

  • Current [A]
  • Voltage [V]
  • Consumption [kWh]
  • Output power [W]
  • TPF (True Power Factor)
  • Frequency [Hz]
  • Phase shift [-180...180°]
  • Measurement accuracy: better than 1%


No special mobile application is needed for installing the product and connecting it to a WiFi network. PowerCable REST works as a WiFi AP and an integrated web wizard guides through the configuration, including the selection of a WiFi network from a list. The setup process is simple and fast.



NETIO PowerCable REST 101x, a smart WiFi power socket for IT applications, is an ideal solution for remote control and metering of 230V power sockets outside electrical cabinets.

The metered power outlet can be controlled over a LAN from a custom application, VoIP phone, Node-RED or Raspberry Pi. For examples, see the Application Notes (ANxx) at the manufacturer’s website.


101x – The “x” denotes different types of plugs and sockets

PowerCable REST 101x is supplied in several versions depending on the electrical socket type (as used in different countries). All 101x models come with two 0.85m cables with the corresponding electrical socket and plug types.

101x Input Output Voltage / Current     
PowerCable REST 101F      Europlug DE – Type F Schuko      230V / 16A
PowerCable REST 101E Europlug FR – Type E 230V / 16A
PowerCable REST 101J CH – Type J CH – Type J 230V / 10A
PowerCable REST 101S IEC-320 C14      IEC-320 C13 110/230V 10A


NETIO PowerCable REST 101x specifications

  • LAN (RJ45): No
  • WiFi: Yes (internal antenna, 11 b/g/n; 2.4GHz)
  • WiFi Reconnect: Yes
  • Online demo (login: demo/demo)
  • Web: Built-in web server
  • FW upgrade: Yes - web
  • Mobile app: Yes - NETIO Mobile 2
  • Mobile app needed for installation: No
  • Installation without a Cloud (internet) connection: Yes
  • Works without a Cloud (internet) connection: Yes
  • NETIO Cloud: Yes
  • Control button: Yes
  • M2M API protocol 1: XML over http
  • M2M API protocol 2: JSON over http
  • M2M API protocol 3: URL API (write-only)
  • M2M API – HTTPs: Yes (4Q 2019)
  • M2M API – Cloud: No
  • Lua support: No
  • Scheduler function: No
  • IP WatchDog function: No
  • Sending e-mails: No
  • WiFi AP network mode support: No


  • Power input: The “x” in the “101x” model number specifies the plug type
  • Power output: The “x” in the “101x” model number specifies the socket type
  • Available socket versions: DE, FR, CH, IEC-320 C13/C14
  • Internal consumption: Max 2 W
  • Electrical measurements: Current [A] / Energy [kWh] / Input power [W], TruePF [-]), Frequency [Hz] / Voltage [V] / Phase shift [°]
  • Accuracy of electrical measurements: better than 1% (25°C)


  • SPD – surge protection: Yes, type 3
  • Switching element: relay SPST-NO, ZCS
  • ZCS (Zero Current Switching): Yes
  • IOC (output state independent on FW updates): Yes
  • PowerUp state of the output: On / Off / LAST state


  • Mechanical characteristics: Plastic housing – 180 x 40 x 30 mm + 2x 0.85m cable
  • Protection: IP30
  • Mechanical mounting: No
  • Sound output: No
  • Temperature range: -10°C to +65°C (for 65°C, max. current is 5A)


For more information visit:

Online demo: (login: demo/demo)

Additional parameters

Category: NETIO power sockets
Warranty: 2 years
? Protocols (M2M API): REST (XML, JSON, URL API)
? Lua programmable: No
? Power measurement: With measurement
? Network: Wi-Fi
? NETIO Cloud: Yes
? Power socket type: DE Schuko (Type F), FR (Type E), CH (Type J), UK (Type G), C13/C14 (Type S)

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